Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Introduction

I am the mom of 4, soon to be step-mom of 2, and fiancee' to 1. I love to write. Putting thoughts on paper is a stress reliever for me. Not to mention, it soothes my soul. It's been a hobby of mine for years, but unfortunately not a consistent hobby due to "life" getting in the way. I do have mouths to feed and practice drop offs to make! Nonetheless, I always find my way back here, to a keyboard, my thoughts, experiences and a blank page that practically fills itself once my fingers start to type.

I have experienced enough in life to know that there are things you just can't take too seriously. It's food for the soul to laugh. Even if it's at your own expense. You will find that many of my experiences are at the expense of my children. (sorry kids!) But I am raising 4 quite funny people who remind me not to take life too seriously. They give me some of my best material!

Live, Love, and Laugh!