Sunday, January 26, 2014

How You Know You Were a Mebanite in the 70s-80s

  • You sat at the counter of Warrens Drug Store eating ice cream.
  • You bought candy or fresh produce from Mr Freshwater and can still remember the smell of Freshwaters store.
  • You walked to Hardee's for a school field trip.
  • You remember Hardee's color scheme being brown and orange. And you had a collection of Hardee's Flintstone and Smurf drinking glasses.
  • You remember the mural being painted on the side of Rices Jewelry.
  • You remember when the post office is where the police station is now.
  • You went to Morazi's after school.
  • You either worked at or were friends with someone who worked at Just Pizza.
  • You thought Mebane had finally made it when they finally built a McDonalds.
  • You called Time and Temperature for the daily forecast. 563-2400.
  • ALL Mebane numbers were 563.
  • You remember the Olympic torch coming through Mebane.
  • You shopped at Birds and Maxway. 
  • You bought candy from concessions at Dogwood pool (pre-CVS)
  • Your family doctor was either Dr. Jones and Dr. Aycock.
  • You remember Tommy who ran Tommy's mini mart.
  • In elementary school, you visited the original fire station.
  • You went sledding at Arrowhead golf course. (Now Tanger Outlets)
  • If you were a girl, you hated the open dressing rooms at Peaches and Cream. 
  • You took dance from Patty Laws at the Mebane Rec.
  • A special Saturday morning was breakfast at A & M Grill.
  • You skated at Roll Away (Now the auction warehouse)
  • You ate a Huey's after church...long before the bar-side addition.
  • The "big" pharmacy became Rite Aid.
  • Your parents actually bought lumber from Mebane Lumber Company.
  • Woodlawn Middle Schools mascot was the Eaglet. (WTF is an Eaglet?)
  • Insead of a big lake behind Eastern High School, it was their baseball field.

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