Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Superbowl Advertisers: BRING BACK FUNNY!

To the Advertisers who have paid out the wazoo for a slot during the SuperBowl; here's a hint for next year:

We want you to either:

1) Make us laugh.
2) Make us cry.

OR you've hit the motherload if you make us laugh until we cry.

This year, with the exception of Budweiser stepping up to the plate tugging at the heartstrings of America, the rest of you big spenders did not get my attention. 
Oh wait, H&M did......but I digress. 

Pull an emotion out of us. It isn't that hard. I am neither a SeaHawks fan or a Broncos fan, but I am a Superbowl commercial fan. Or at least I WAS until you decided to crap all over the TV with blah-ness. Make a connection with your viewers.

Let's bring back some old school SuperBowl funnies for those of you who were just as disappointed as I was last night.

The worst feeling EVER....

The dreaded question..... 

It's cute, creative, and funny!

The Man's Man Commercial

And my all time fave!