Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Reality of "Home"

Home Is Where The Destruction Heart Is:

The banister is wobbly and the plumbing is shot,
You think the house is perfect, but it's truly not.
A stain on the carpet here, and 2 over there,
That is, if you can ever get past the endless dog hair.
Mounds of laundry, and dirty dishes galore,
I believe the kids have forgotten what a trashcan is for.
All TVs are set at high decibel rates.
Boys are enthralled in xbox "MY TURN!" debates.
Smelly basketball shoes, football and indoor soccer cleats,
Last month’s burger in the fridge is this week’s mystery meat.
At least once a day, you’ll hear “What’s that smell”,
At least once a day, my honey will exclaim “what the h*#@!”
The dog barking, phone ringing, kid screaming, tv blasting..
Now tell me again what was it you were asking?
My memory is shot, my brain is in overload,
I’m tired, I’m whiny, and I forgot the alarm code.
But there in the chaos, is my moment of glee….
When the smell of bacon wafts it’s way toward me.
And, there, I heard it… did you hear it too?
The kids playing nicely, they love each other, they do!
The dog greets me at my feet looking sweet and meek.
My honey brushes by to kiss me on my cheek.
Empty cans are recycled and laundry is folded,
And the refrigerator houses anything not molded.
The kids greet me as they make their way through,
With a few extra faces with them, what else is new?
In response to my asking about their day, get grins and head bobbles.
And suddenly life’s no longer about the banister that wobbles.