Thursday, May 23, 2013

Counting My Blessings Today

I had an appt this morning at the Pain Clinic in the hopes of switching preventative medication for my migraine headaches. I have suffered from migraines since I was 7 years old. My dad had them, so they're 100% heriditary, but for years doctors have studied my triggers. I've had allergy testing, documented foods, stress levels, hormones, etc, and pretty much my triggers are stress, some alcohol, the weather, and strong scents (car exhaust and perfume both set me off). Eliminating scents is easy. With the exception of getting behind the 1971 Ford Pick up with no muffler on random occasion, there isn't really anything that triggers a headache in the way of smell. Thank God since I live with so many stinky boys. Now alcohol is a toughy. I used to be able to drink beer. Now beer gives me migraines. I can't have red wines. Instant headache. So I'm very careful anytime I drink a glass of anything to monitor any onset of a headache. The easiest way to avoid it is not to drink. HAHAHA... I know. I cracked myself up with that one, too. As for the weather, it's true. Forget the Weather Channel Meteorologists. They're clueless. Want to know when the barometric pressure is dropping? Ask me. I'm usually taking a migraine pill.

However, stress?? How in the hell am I supposed to eliminate stress? To be honest, I'm used to stress (or so I THINK I am). There are some weeks much more stressful than others, but yet I consistently still get migraines on a regular basis, even on vacation where there is no stress. I am honestly starting to think that after 33 years of these terrible headaches that I just get them for the hell of it. No matter what, they suck, but it could be so much worse.

I was very frustrated today while waiting an hour for my appt at the Pain Clinic, but the hour allowed me time to look around and pay attention. I saw an older man struggling to walk from severe back pain. And a middle aged woman needing a cane due to leg pain. She couldn't get comfortable in her chair and kept having to move around for relief. Then there was the lady who looked younger than me with a pump that periodically dosed her body with medicine for whatever chronic illness she suffered from. After seeing all of that, it made my griping about migraines seem ridiculous. Yes, they are debilitating at times, but for the majority of the time, I can function. I am able. And I am thankful. So while Duke Pain and Pallative Care Clinic will still be getting a nastigram from me about the ridiculous wait time, I can't help but be somewhat thankful for that time opening my eyes. I have been having my own pain pity party for a weeks now, but I'm done.
And now I shall count my blessings......