Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Til Death Do Us Part.... Or Until You Run Away From Home.

The fiancé and I just recently decided (as in yesterday) to write our own vows for our upcoming nuptials in 3 short weeks. Yeah, we procrastinate like it’s nobody’s business. We had mentioned it before, both of us avoiding the commitment to do so because July was a really long time away. Now here we sit:
In July.
I started wondering what I was going to say. Man, there are so many angles I could go with this. My initial instinct is to be funny. Let’s face it; he gives me a lot of my best work. How can I not incorporate chainsaws and basketball goal assemblies into the words that will bind our love for a lifetime? Then again, there is a time and a place for funny, and I can’t crash and burn on my wedding day with nothing but crickets from our families, so I decided to go with Plan B.
I Googled Wedding Vows. I know you’re shocked. What I found was some fairly sweet, sappy stuff and some people who are from outer space. I have no desire to honor the animals or the ocean or the stars. Instead I plan to let the words come to me. It is easy when you’re marrying the person who is the balance to your universe. I am his brakes and he’s my gas pedal. He pulls me out of my comfort zone, even when I’m kicking and screaming. He forces me to communicate and tell him what’s bothering me (I hate that!), even though I want to internalize, get even madder, and blow 2 ½ days later when I find he didn’t replace the toilet paper roll. He makes me laugh. He drives me crazy. He loves me, faults and all. But most importantly, he respects me as a mom and embraces that I am a package deal. I love him most for loving my kids and working every day to nurture our family. I am one lucky girl.
I sit here 3 weeks out, anticipating one of the happiest days of my life, piecing together words that I feel barely scratch the surface of my feelings for this man. I anticipate all of our families together, in one place and I can barely contain excitement…with slight fear. HA! Yet I am sad knowing that 2 important people in both our lives will only be there in spirit. His mom and my dad will be greatly missed, but are certain to have the best seats in the house, witnessing me turn into a puddle of happy tears.
When it comes to writing the most important writing assignment to date, I got this. It has to be a good sign when the most important is, hands down, the easiest. Funny or from the heart, he continues to give me some of my best work. I love you, D.