Sunday, October 6, 2013

What the Pup?

As if having 6 kids isn’t chaotic enough, we decided to get a new puppy this week. Our reasons were valid. I just can’t think of what they were through the fog of sleep deprivation and doggy doo. Oh yeah, for the kids. That’s it. We got her for the kids.

However, my dear husband is, as Barney the dinosaur would say, “Super-DEE-duper” attached to this thing. Before we even got her, he dropped a small car payment at Petsmart because every dog needs 2 pink Princess bowls, a pink collar, a pink engraved nametag, and a hot pink carrier. Quick, someone take his man card! He didn’t want to put her on the grass the first night we had her because it was “too cold”. His overprotective, excited new daddy instincts are in full force which is kind of hot.....until he texts me pictures of her poop and pee on the pee pad. Yes, I get he is proud. But no one wants to see that. If I’m there and need to clean it up, it’s one thing. If I’m at work, I’d appreciate not getting iMessage photos of our puppies dookie. Gross.

Our nine year old yellow lab mix is not as excited. As a matter of fact, he isn’t amused AT ALL. The first night he looked at us with such contempt, I felt a twinge of guilt. The pup is completely enamored by him, following him around like the old Warner Bros Spike and Chester cartoon. If puppies could talk, I have a feeling their conversation would’ve gone something like this:

Your crate or mine?
Oreo (new pup): Hi! I’m your new sister. How long ya been here? What do you do for fun up in ‘hur? Aren’t I adorable? Don’t you just love me? Whatcha doin’? Whereya goin’? Can I go? 

Striker (9 year old grump): #%*&  off.

Pretty sure I nailed their first conversation.

Someone's getting awfully brave!
Regardless, Striker has been very tolerant. I think he realizes he still has the upper hand. He still has full reign of the house when she’s locked in her crate and continues to get all leftover pizza crusts and eggs when she’s stuck with Puppy Chow. So don’t go feeling sorry for the grump. He has it made. And in another week or so he’ll eventually go from “Eff off” to “Eff off. Wanna play?” He’ll play hard to get for a bit longer and fall weak from her charm: typical male. The tables will then turn where the fun of the chase is over and she’ll be uninterested: typical female.

The kids are loving her and actually giving Striker more attention too. When Oreo gets wild-and-crazy-puppy on them, they appreciate the calmness of Striker. Yes, he sheds. Yes, he barks. Yes, he attacks crazy people walking their yippy dogs, but he’s a good boy. Oreo’s personality is a *tad* different. I can see the writing on the wall with this boy vs. girl personality difference. I have no one to blame but myself. My 2 stipulations with getting a dog were: non-shedding AND a female. I was thinking I’d even out the male to female ratio a bit. I may grow to regret that decision.

In the meantime, life goes on. She’s here. She’s adorable. And she’s doing great with pee pad training. (I have photo proof) So far, so good, but it’s only been 4 days. Ask me again in a week.
"Seriously woman, WHEN is she going back?"