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Ten Gifts Your High School Grad Will Love!

Today I'm featuring a guest writer, Heather Hewitt. If you are struggling to come up with graduation gift ideas, this will spark your interest!

Yes, it’s true. Your teenager is graduating – which means it’s time to start thinking up a great gift to mark such a momentous occasion. But you want to get a something that’s trendy and useful, as well as something your kiddo is sure to enjoy. Here are ten ideas to get you started in your search for the perfect gift for the high school grad in your life.

• Senior portrait. A lot of graduates will have professional (or semi-professional) senior photos taken. Print your favorite photo from the lot and have it printed on canvas. Then mount it in a prominent place in the house – it’ll be a great reminder to your kiddos that no matter how far away they may go, your house will always be a home for them.

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 • Personalized travel mug. If your grad is headed to college or an office job, morning coffee will likely be in order – and most likely, it’ll be consumed on the go. Design a mug with your grad’s favorite pictures of family, friends, or a favorite vacation locale.

• A party. There’s no better way to celebrate a graduation than to throw a fun graduation
party. Order fun invitations and get creative with appetizers and delicious desserts you can serve to the crowd. At the party be sure to display your grad’s cap and gown, as well as any accomplishments, medals, certificates, or awards he or she earned in school.

• Travel charger. This may sound like a “boring” gift, but it’s one your grad will desperately need in the real world. They’ll be on the go all the time, so a travel charger will make it convenient to charge their phone wherever they are. Make the gift more fun by purchasing a charger in your grad’s favorite color.

• A trip. If you’re feeling really generous, plan a getaway to somewhere your grad has always wanted to go – or a favorite vacation spot. Whether you make it a family trip or allow friends to come along, it’s sure to be a great gift. After all, it provides the chance to make amazing memories, and isn’t that the most long-lasting gift of all?

• A yearbook. Most high schools make yearbooks for students to purchase – but they’re often filled with a lot of people your kiddo didn’t know or activities he or she didn’t participate in. Create a personalized yearbook online filled with your grad’s specific memories. It’s something they can treasure forever. 

• Jewelry. If your kiddo loves to wear jewelry, get something special to commemorate the occasion. That way, every time your grad puts on the necklace or bracelet, he or she will remember the accomplishment it signifies.

• Blinged-out earbuds. Chances are, your grad listens to a lot of music – and will likely listen to even more when working an office job or studying for college classes. Get the grad in your life something fun and useful with earbuds in a great color and style.

• Laptop or iPad. Yes, this gift is on the more expensive side, but when it comes to living in the dorms, a desktop often doesn’t cut it. A laptop or tablet allows your grad to be more mobile, which helps when taking notes in class or ditching a loud roommate when studying calls. Make their own with a personalized cover.

Hopefully these ideas have helped spark some of your own. Get creative and you’re sure to find a gift your grad will love. 

Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

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