Thursday, July 17, 2014


I shop at CVS fairly frequently. It is my pharmacy of choice because it is, literally, right outside of my neighborhood. However, they are about on my last nerve and this is why:

Today I went through the pharmacy drive thru to pick up a prescription and this was the receipt. 

Really, CVS? It was ONE item. 


The receipt, however, was as long as my leg. The coupons are useless to me. I don't have allergies. I am currently not suffering from heartburn, and I buy my vitamins elsewhere... where it's cheap without a coupon.

I seriously have an issue with the ridiculous receipts generated by this store. Look, I'm all about some savings, but I'm also about saving some trees. Isn't there a happy medium somewhere? CVS, haven't you heard the WORLD is going paperless? Apparently not.

So I decided it was best to recycle this long a$$ mostrosity in some form. I looked around my house for feasible options.

Barbie needed new evening wear with her hot date, Ken.

The receipt was just long enough to gift wrap a DVD.

Pedicures are made easy with this new found toe separator!

If you have pets, it is perfect for making them look like Aunt Jemima.
Or for a more formal men's look, the bowtie.

It also doubles when you're trying to paper train your pup.

If you are a lady on the go who needs to blot her lipstick, this receipt is what you need...
Good for that Mom on the go!


If an emergency arises, it could really come in handy....

And anyone who knows my household of 6 men, knows that "emergency" happens on a regular basis.

While I continue to be annoyed at CVS, I do appreciate the opportunity to channel my creative side in figuring out how we can recycle the waste. Barbie seems to love her new warddrobe, although Oreo, the pup, is not completely sold on the hair bow. 

And I'm a few prescriptions away from being able to wallpaper my half bath.