Friday, August 8, 2014

Letting Go of Anger and Holding On To Hope

Today, I am angry.

Today, I am angry for the moms who sit bed-side with their son/daughter who fight an undeserving battle.

Today, I am angry for the moms whose least concern is back to school because their biggest concern is "let my baby heal".

Years ago I volunteered on the pediatric bone marrow unit at Duke. I witnessed as parents rode the roller coaster of unknowns...of fear...of faith...of joy...of devastation. Moms of all walks had nothing in common, yet everything. As support, I felt helpless and, many times, hopeless. But never once, with any family I worked with, did I ever see a Mom give up hope. That kind of strength comes from a place the rest of us do not comprehend, because in everyday life, we give up hope that traffic will ease and we'll make it to work on time. In everyday life, we give up hope that our schedules will become less stressful. We give up hope everyday. Until we are faced with hope as our only option. 

Today, I am mostly angry because it just seems so unfair.

And so I release myself.....

Today, I will hope without failure. I hope for healing. I hope for strength. I hope for peace. I hope for courage. I hope for happy moments gathered and etched in memories. I hope for compassion and love. 

I hope.

~ Kristen

*Dedicated to Bradley Joyner, his amazing mom, Aimee, and their family.

*In honor of the families of Elizabeth Keene, Mckenzie Schoenleb and the others on 5200.

Life's true heroes.