Friday, October 9, 2015

Be THAT Person

As I was exiting the interstate on my lunch hour the other day, there was a gentleman standing on the side of the road holding a cardboard sign. The sign stated he was homeless and in search of food. More times than not, I am the person that gets in the other lane to avoid him walking past my window. I am the person who doesn't make eye contact. I am the person who pretends to be on the phone. This particular day, I saw him from a distance and purposely switched to his lane. As I approached him, the stoplight turned red. I opened my window and called him over and handed him 4 dollars. It's all I had in my wallet. I looked him in the eyes as I handed him the dollar bills and he smiled graciously. During the time that it took for him to walk to my car, the light turned green and there was a row of cars behind me. On this particular day, I was THAT person. I was the person who held you up an extra 12 seconds. I was the person who made you angry. I was the person who made you lay on your horn.

But maybe, just maybe I was also the person who planted a small seed, so that next time you find yourself stopped at that intersection (or another one), you reach out and give someone in need a hand full of change or a couple dollars for a smile in return. We could question whether he is really homeless. I guess I'll never know, nor do I care. He was geniunely gracious. Isn't that all that matters anyway?

I am grateful that, at some point (as irritated as I probably was at the time), someone planted the seed for me to be THAT person.

Now I challenge you! Go be THAT person.