Monday, July 29, 2013

Loving and Living for Life's Perfect Moments.

Last week, the fiance' and I took the big plunge. We blended two families into one. Our day consisted of perfect moments that are forever ingrained in my mind. There are very few times in life we stop to take it all in. I was fortunate enough to have those moments on Thursday and as I reflect back on them days after, my heart is full, my eyes are teary, and I can't stop smiling. Just minutes before the wedding I stood in a room alone holding my parents wedding bands and my father's military dog tags. Emotions overcame me, then a knock on the door changed it all in an instant. My ten year old peeked around the corner as his 13 year old brother followed behind him, both beaming-#1. They escorted me from the beach house to where their two older brothers waited to walk me the rest of the way and they would follow. I wrapped my arms around the arms of 2 men who towered completely over me. These were once my baby boys and they were now my protectors and my Best Men-#2. As we crossed the sand dune, I heard my father's favorite song playing, but before I could get choked up again, I saw the face of my future husband. He stood with such a smile; it was contagious. As much as I worried I may cry, I could not stop smiling. To say it was a happy moment would be an understatement- #3. We wrote and shared our own vows. His words touched my soul in a way I never expected- #4. After the ceremony, we met the family back in the beach house for dinner and dancing. At one point in the evening I looked on the dance floor and all 6 of our kids were laughing, smiling and dancing with family. - #5.

5 perfect moments that can never be erased. 5 moments that will always make me smile. 5 moments making it one of the best days of my life. 

A bride may wish for the perfect dress, the perfect hair, the perfect flowers, the perfect pictures, the perfect weather. One should never lose sight of what is most important.
The perfect moments.