Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

The hubby and I recently returned from one heck of a 40th bash/honeymoon. We spent 4 incredibly vague, sleepless but super fun nights in Vegas with 15 of our closest peeps celebrating our nuptials and kicking off my 4th decade. While those 4 nights could be an entire blog of it’s own, we made a pact to stick with the What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas mentality. 

However, there were some lessons learned that I will share:

Young 20-something brides to be: don’t get wasted at a Vegas pool, drop trou on the runway, later falling in the pool and blowing chunks. (Puke in the back of a limo instead. Keep it classy.) 

If you fall asleep on drain of your shower, the 6 standard sized towels the hotel provides in your room will not be enough to soak up 3” of standing water.

Don’t blow chunks in a McDonald’s bag unless it’s your only option.

A mystery black eye marked as an “allergic reaction” is, indeed, an allergic reaction…..to your face hitting the floor.

I can now use “Wobble” and “Oreo cookie” in the same sentence.

Transvestites have great hearing.

Bull riding is easy.

Pole dancing is hard.


While "40 may be the new 30", it certainly isn’t the new 21….

I need a nap and a Centrum Silver. 

The End