Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't Try This As Home, Kids. Or at a Professional Football Game, Mr. Grown-Ass-Man.


To witness the brilliance yourself, watch here:

What on God’s green earth possessed this man to think it was a great idea to slide down the railing on the upper level of a big ass football stadium? Could that 14th beer be the one that catapulted him from fun loving drunkard to risk taking dumbass? Did he actually think he would look cool sliding down a railing? Is he 6? Was he showing off for his wife/girlfriend? I bet she thought it was HILARI-oops… the f*cker just fell over the side of the stadium. 

Maybe he meant to do it in the hopes that it would land him better seats. ::snort:: 

And what about the poor guy sitting below him who sustained more serious injury than he did? How unfair is that? He was minding his own business watchin’ some football, drinkin’ some beer, wavin' his foamy finger when all of a sudden his life flashed before his eyes along with a grown ass man who buried him beneath his seat? I mean, seriously. Not only does Level 300 guy owe Level 200 guy a massive apology, he should probably hand over his season tickets to the Bills games for the rest of his life (even if the seats are sucky). 1) he owes him, BIG and 2) he needs to save himself from doing something stupid again. What’s next, walking down the stadium steps on your hands? Do us all a favor and watch all future games from the comfort of your living room. At least if you get the hankering for sliding rails, you just have a 6-10 foot drop and the only casualty is the foyer antique table.

PS - Both men sustained non-life threatening injuries.