Friday, March 21, 2014

Acts of Kindness on My Darkest Day of the Year

March 20th: It's time for a change.

Twenty years is a long time to harbor hate for a day that should be nothing but a celebration of life, so I made up my mind to make it all about the good. It became a happy day on my calendar to honor the greatest man I have ever known. My daddy.

I documented my plan, my thought process along the way as well as the actual events on a website I created specifically for that day. I also reached out to friends to take part in their own random acts of kindness on that day as well. Many people participated. I am working on compiling a few stories to share. 

Check it my story:

Circa 1974.

From this year forward I dedicate that day on my calendar to spreading love and kindness throughout the day. We should never waste another moment wishing for the past, instead work at changing our future....for the better.

I miss you daddy.