Friday, April 18, 2014

Heaven is For Real and I Have My Own Witness.... Image
13 years ago, one evening driving home, my eldest son, who was 7 at the time, decided to floor his father and me with one topic of conversation. I remember the moment and his words vividly. He was sitting in the backseat with his little brother and, there, it came out of no where:

"I remember seeing you and daddy when you were both little." 

At first, we played along. "Oh really, son? Very cool. Tell us more." Kids have huge imaginations and it was kind of fun to see where his was going.

... until he started stating facts about my childhood

"I saw Mommy doing flips in her backyard"
I used to do cartwheels in my backyard while daddy counted, to the point I'm sure it drove my father insane when I asked time and time again for him to watch me.

He gave an account of other things eerily spot on, but we were still skeptical, so I started to ask specific questions, ones I knew he'd have no way of knowing.

"Do you remember what kind of car Nana drove?"
"It was green and had 4 doors."
She drove a green, 4 door, Oldsmobile.

"What about Paw Paw?"
He paused for a minute to recall.
"It was a very old blue car. It had 2 doors."
He drove a 2 door Pontiac that was on it's last leg.

"Where were you when you saw us?"
"I was in heaven. It was before I came to earth. There were angels. They were beautiful and wore gold. God showed me you and daddy and told me you were going to be my parents".

He recalled other childhood details that there were no explanations for. Needless to say, his dad and I were blown away. To this day, I am at a loss as to how he knew the things he did. None of it made sense, yet all of it made sense. 

There are naysayers about heaven. Does it exist? Does it not? According to my kid, it exists. 

And I believe him.

You may not believe. That's what makes the world go 'round. However, had you been sitting in my car 13 years ago, listening to a 7 year olds vivid account, you may change your mind.

With the latest release of the movie Heaven is For Real, it appears he isn't the only one who's "been there, done that".