Monday, March 30, 2015

Stress in the Workplace: Forgetting to Set the Reminder to Remind You of Your Reminder

Got all that?

I have been doing some research on "stress in the workplace". One of the #1 culprits? 

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. On the contrary, now we're expected to read/respond to emails and texts instantaneously. When there's a technology glitch (software locks up/computer crashes/phone dies), we come to a screeching halt in the middle of what is supposed to be a productive work day. But, honestly, while that's part of our technology induced stress, the majority of it is self-induced. We have become a generation of ADD employees. I am one of them.

Case in point:
4:30pm: Start one task with estimated completion time of 30 minutes, which is perfect because you have exactly 30 minutes left until you have to race home to get your kid to practice.
It takes 4 minutes for the program to open, because, well, your computer sucks. You start out 4 minutes behind schedule but still feel confident you can rock it out before 5pm. Work diligently for 2 whole minutes. You got this!
  • *Email notification*
Respond quickly and get back on task.

2 minutes later......
  • *Incoming text* 
It's from your kid. Oh great. Is he sick again? Did he get in trouble at school? Nope, just low on lunch money. Need to make a deposit for the next day. Say to yourself “It isn’t due until tomorrow, but if I don’t do it now, I’ll totally forget about it.
Hop online to put money in his lunch account. Problem is you can't remember your user name and password. Spend 4 minutes typing in every combination you have for every site you've ever used. No luck. Now waiting on an email to reset it. Go back to original task while waiting.

1 minute later......
  • *Email notification* Password Reset Request.
No internet service. Awesome.
Work on task while waiting. Keep refreshing Google Chrome on your second monitor... over and over and over and over and over and ov-SUCCESS!

Text your kid back: "Done! Remember to do your homework!”

12 seconds later.....
  • *Incoming text* 
You ignore it because you assume it's your kid responding with a "thanks". 
Keep working for 2 1/2 minutes as your subconscious nags you to check your phone.
  • *DING* 
There it goes again, taunting you a second time because it knows you haven't read the text yet..... &%*#! Your mind begins to race with anxiety. Let's face it, your kid isn't going to waste his time texting "thank you!". That only happens when he knows you're bringing home Chick-Fil-A for dinner.
You are convinced it's important... "I'll just check it really quick".
  • Staring back at you is a "k" from your kid. (in response to your homework reminder) God forbid he actually write out the entire response. The "o" in "ok" must be exhausting to type. And you aren't even worthy of a capital letter.

Your annoyance level is now heightened as you jump back into your task.

1 minute later....
  • *Email notification*

Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it. What if it’s related to what you’re working on? What if it’s your boss? What if…. What if!?!

Convinced, for sure this timethat it's important, you check email. “Thank you for your payment to Kid #4’s lunch account”.

4:48pm: Just as all notifications quiet down and your focus is clear, it happens.....
  • *Microsoft Windows Pop Up*
Frustration ensues. There's no cancelling. It's a certainty, like death and taxes. The Windows Update will get you everytime. Work like a mofo for 3 minutes, 45 seconds, SAVE, and hold your breath that it doesn't shut down and lose all the hard work you've been slaving over for the last, um, 7 total cumulative minutes.

Wait for the reboot.

Check Facebook Newsfeed on phone. When did she become a redhead? 

Still rebooting.

Your turn in Trivia Crack. You're about to lose to your sister-in-law for the 11th straight time. You swear it's because you get these questions:

And she's over there probably getting these....

Is my Windows Update done yet?

Look at clock. 4:59pm. 

The good news? Your computer has rebooted and all your work is saved. The bad news? It's time to go.

Pick up phone to leave. Add Task to your next day To Do List. 

While walking to the car, answer question wrong in Trivia Crack. 

Get to the parking lot. Can't find car. Wander parking lot unable to find car because of:
  • *Trivia Crack notification* "You lost...(again)"
  • *Text notification* Kid: "What's for dinner?"
  • *Weight Watchers App Reminder* "Don't you dare go by Chick-Fil-A again"

And there you have it. 

LOOK, a squirrel!